ViiHaptic was present at CHI 2013 with JCDecaux

Written by CoVii

CoVii – Computer Interaction Vision, Lda, was present at CHI 2013 (ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), in Paris, in a partnership with the number one worldwide outdoor advertising company, the french JCDecaux, this year’s event main sponsor.


CoVii took to France its latest software – ViiHaptic, after being introduced in January at CES, in Las Vegas. This software was integrated at JCDecaux’s digital signage solution at CHI 2013.


ViiHaptic software allowed the users to browse the conference agenda and choose video previews of the sessions in a new touchless experience.



ViiHaptic is a software for 3D sensors, like kinect®, that turns any display or surface of any size into a multitouch screen at a fraction of a touchscreen cost.


With this product, the touch experience is augmented with new control modalities such as hovering, allowing users to not only interact through touch, almost touch and also to handle contents at a parameterizable distance.


The software enables customer physical location, detecting when users stand in front of the screen, targeting the contents to them, or simply triggering a “call to action”.


The presence at CHI with this technology shows that the giant JCDecaux recognizes the rise of digital platforms as a major change in outdoor advertising. This collaboration is a big step to build a new communication channel even more powerful, since the interactivity involves us and increases our attention to the commercial or informative content.


Because ViiHaptic allows interaction with “no touch”, this product is ideal for locations where health and safety have to be guaranteed (e.g. operating theaters) and places where the interaction of multiple individuals with the screen is common (e.g. digital screens in public places).


ViiHaptic is already available for download in trial and commercial versions at:


Trial version is full-feature with the limitation of running only 15 minutes each time. Commercial version costs € 500 per license.


CoVii is already working in new add-ons for this software to be release shortly.


To know more about ViiHaptic, please visit the website page and watch the below video.


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