Time in a start-up!

Written by BarbaraBarreira

As you know we are a start-up company and in start-ups seems that time runs always in opposite order.
In our case sometimes is completely crazy because we are developing a very good stuff in computer vision software and we want this tools to be very reliable and of course a winner on the market.

We are a small team, doing a lot of things and sometimes with more than one role in the company.
Pedro, for instance, is involved in all the softwares we create and also thinking about the company’s strategy, I am doing paperwork and communication among others things. Everyone is doing more than one, two or three tasks.



The best thing we can take from this kind of job is the huge experience to the future, we never know what we’ll be doing in ten years.
In my case I really hope to continue in CoVii with a incredible tool leading the market :P

The last 2 softwares we released are in my opinion a really, really great stuff!
Our ViiM SDK is a powerful tool and I’ve been thinking when we’ll see some applications created with ViiM, I’m very curious about that.

(Hey if you are creating something with ViiM, let me know!!! Even if it’s not completed yet.)

The latest software is ViiHaptic, have you already heard about it?





We presented it on CES 2013. This software with a 3D sensor like Kinect turns any regular display into a touchscreen!

Look to the advantages for all the companies around the world! Can you image how much they can save using this technology instead of buying a touchscreen?
And more (we always give something more!), this software recognizes users and related positions, and this features give the opportunity to create applications more focused to the targets!

Had we hands to work all the ideas we have, to create new softwares or to improve the ones we already done :)

However ideas are always welcome and sales too!

The hardest part in a start-up is the financial part… Always on the budget and with carefull.
So, because we are 100% our capital owners, sales are what we need to continue creating.

Go spread to your friend, boss, co-worker, family, everyone, that we can change yours life (I’m a drama girl!)

Lets speak serious! Shall we? :)
If you are an enthusiastic about interactivity, a developer or a designer, give a try to our ViiM SDK.
Is free to try :)
Don’t forget to tell me what you create with it.
If you work in a company we have great solutions to increase your brand or to turn you work more efficient, check our website!

After all we’ll continue this journey, with the time always complicating everything.
(Hey, I know what you think about this phrase… time is money dude!)

“Wanna” say something? Just comment below ;)

ViiM SDK can be download here: www.viim.pt

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