The hard job to prepare a ViiMotion

Written by PedroSilva

In today’s post, I want to share with you how painful and hard it is to set up a ViiMotion box, so the end user can easily take full advantage of it, with no worries.


As I hope so, most of you already know ViiMotion, our interactive plug and play device that allows to easily set an interactive floor, wall, storefront and a lot more, everything depends on your imagination.


That is no secret at all, about what’s inside in our box. There is obviously a PC, the gadget that everyone needs nowadays to live and a 3D sensor, the very revolutionary gadget, which in our case, can be is an Asus Xtion Pro Live. The biggest challenge since the beginning was to put this two things in a box with a minimal size. It wasn’t an easy challenge, not easy at all, but we made it. We would like it to be even smaller but the size is comparable to a standard projector.

With so few space, we had to figure out, the best way  and order to place the components inside.



Take a look at an empty box.





I know that I’m suspicious but it is so cool =P.

In the picture, you can see the tree small holes on the front, to put the “eyes” of the sensor, the place to put the fan and the back design to put the power supply, the motherboard outputs, graphics and wireless card.


The fan is truly important, because the first box we designed, we thought that cooling was pretty good and we tried it for the very first time, out of our offices, with our Slovenian partners.

It was a big event for a Slovenian bank and it was the first time for us to show the system… accurate and very responsive one ;) . The tiny tiny problem was that the event was inside a five stars hotel with jacuzzi and hot swimming pool and everything around was burning like hell.

Probably the temperature was around 40º Celsius.

We turned the machines on and it was working well, no cooling problems but after a while…. you know the end of the story. Solution? Take the upper part and proceed with the event. Brave ah?! At least we get a story to tell.


Well, getting back to ViiMotion set up, there are a lot of things to handle easily. Every card must be placed very safely, cause we are selling it world wide and shipping is always a nightmare.

All the screws must be very strategic placed to hold all the components for a safe deliver.


These days we’ll dispatch a ViiMotion to Kuwait… any comments about that?! I guess so =D. It’s so cool to have our products in such countries. One of the ViiMotion package shown on the picture above is precisely for the client in Kuwait.



Check out the components being placed and a look to the final solution.






To set up a ViiMotion system, it may take an entire day to make it clean and safe, but in the end is totally rewarding.

Maybe during the day we want to kill Joaquim, our co-worker that perform the set ups, due to the noise he does with the drill, but he is a really nice guy and we handle it for him.

Once ViiMotion set up is finished it is ready to be packaged and shipped.





If you want to know more about ViiMotion, take a look at and check our cool videos at CoViiTube youtube channel.



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