A high-level library for 3D sensors, such as Kinect and Asus. Learn how easy it is to develop applications for this technology and get to know the multiple modules of interaction available.


ViiHaptic is a software for 3D sensors that turns any display of any size into a multi-touch screen at a fraction of a touch screen cost. With ViiHaptic the touch experience is augmented with new control modalities, such as hovering.


Plug and play console designed for easy installation and portability. Take advantage of the full potential of ViiMotion with features such as automatic calibration or content manager. Ideal for marketing, advertising, trade shows or events, perfect to make your brand stand out.


Multitouch and multiuser table, with unlimited simultaneous touches, object recognition and interaction with the operating system.
42-inch device that allows it to be used for different purposes, ranging from informative content, games, including powerpoint presentations.